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Teaching Document Archive

You can take a look at my documentation regarding the elementary school art lesson. 


Thoughts on Art Education posts

You can see my responses to art education Webinars, Podcasts, books, and theories in my blog.


Case Study: Intrinsic Motivation and TAB

In Fall 2023, I went on a school visit to Colham Ferry Elementary School in Oconee, GA. The eight-week visit gave me and my teammates some insight regarding intrinsic motivation. We did a case study about TAB and intrinsic motivation to find a way to improve the classroom culture.


Lesson Plan: Self-Portrait Project

This is a lesson plan for the fourth-grade elementary student. I and my teammates taught three sessions at Colham Ferry Elementary School.


Unit Plan: AR Art

This is a unit plan for a fourth-grade elementary student for teaching contemporary art. As society changes rapidly, there is a growing need to mention technology in education. The unit focuses on art using emerging technology as the medium. Specifically, augmented reality (AR) is introduced to a central topic of the unit, as a form of interactive art.


Unit Plan: Presentation Slides

This is a presentation slide for 03 Unit Plan. Slides include information and videos of artists like Nancy Baker Cahill, Leon Keer, KAWS, and Olafur Eliason, who used AR technology in their artworks. Besides, exhibitions like Scenes from 19th Century Joseon and Nancy Baker Cahill: Through Lines that featured interactive art as a major form of the exhibition are presented as well.


Curriculum Map for 4th Grade

This is a curriculum map for a school year. It contains my perspective as an art teacher and shows my art class flow.

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